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May 2024


2023-2024: Year In Review

As we head into the next semester, here’s an update on what we’ve been up to this past year.

Volunteer Training

Our main goal—and challenge—this semester was to return to in-person screenings. This involved an intensive period of recruitment culminating in our largest event of the semester: a general training session with over 120 students in attendance! Volunteers were trained on professionalism and cultural humility, while also learning how to operate our six stations—registration, medical history, blood pressure, BMI, urinalysis, and blood glucose.

Free Kidney Screenings

Following the general training, our volunteers were ready to participate in our four in-person kidney screenings! As we reconnected with our community site partners around Philadelphia, we are thankful to Holy Cross Baptist Church (10/15), the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center (11/05), Masjid Al-Jamia (11/19), and Opportunities Towers (12/03) for supporting our mission to provide free kidney screenings and 1-on-1 physician consultations to populations in need!


Health Education

In addition to providing clinical services, we also aimed to provide educational resources to screening participants. Our Health Education committee created a kidney health poster presentation and collaborated with Penn Appétit to provide kidney-friendly recipes and samples for deviled eggs and zucchini bread! Our community sites found these resources very valuable and we hope to continue providing them at future screenings.

Career Development

We closed off the semester with some career development for our hard-working members by hosting a medical student advice panel. Our six invited Perelman Med students engaged interested pre-med students in conversation and provided advice regarding classes, extracurriculars, the application process, and their path to medicine.


We have more exciting events and collaborations with physicians and med students planned for next semester—along with more screenings, of course!—so keep an eye out! Thank you again to all our physicians, community sites, and volunteers for a fantastic semester!  



PennKDSAP 2023-24 Board


Olivia Ong and Stephanie Yoon, Co-Presidents

Faith Ryu, Vice President of Clinical Operations 

Elliot Kim, Vice President of Finance

Nikita Patel, Director of Community Outreach

Aylin Ergin, Director of Programming & Physician Relations

Yvonne Kuo, Director of Health Education

Jiayi Pang, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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