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Free Community Health Screenings

Here at PennKDSAP, we’re committed to offering free community health screenings at local community centers (per request by community members). Each of our students at screenings has been trained, and doctors will be on hand to supervise the activities and provide medical evaluations for patients. 

The free community health screenings include medical history evaluation, BMI measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, and urinalysis performed by student volunteers. This gives information on kidney health and co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. All patients immediately receive an on-site physician consultation with a nephrologist from the Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension Division at the Perelman School of Medicine or Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Patients also receive information on how to follow up with social workers and complimentary clinics. Health screenings are held at various community organizations such as churches. PennKDSAP brings all the volunteers, supplies, and physicians into the community locations.

All of us understand that our first priority is to treat our fellow community members with respect and compassion. By offering these screenings, we hope that more people will become aware about CKD, learn if they are affected by CKD, and if affected, receive appropriate medical advice and care. We also provide longitudinal resources for screening participants who have difficulty accessing health care on a regular basis.


If you would like us to hold a screening at a community center or event, please let us know! You can click the button below or click "Contact Us" on the menu.  

Past Screenings

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