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Health Education

Here at PennKDSAP, we’re committed to offering health education at local community centers (per request by community members). Students and doctors will be on hand to present information and address concerns about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its co-morbidities. We provide formal presentations and resources such as brochures.


All of us understand that our first priority is to treat our fellow community members with respect and compassion. By offering health education modules, we hope that we can increase awareness and prevention of CKD.


If you would like us to present about CKD at a community center or event, please let us know! You can click the button below or click "Contact Us" on the menu.  

Events & Initiatives


CKD Education


In Fall 2022, KDSAP launched our first health education station through which members of the health education committee inform screening participants about chronic kidney disease.


Nutrition Education


KDSAP has been in partnership with Penn Appetit to provide screening participants with free food samples for kidney-friendly recipes and nutrition education. 

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Middle School Outreach Day


In Spring 2023, KDSAP led a kidney education workshop to local middle schoolers. KDSAP volunteers presented on kidney anatomy, physiology, and the importance of maintaining kidney health while participating in educational kidney filtration demonstrations and poster-making activities.

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