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Student Development

Here at PennKDSAP, we’re committed first and foremost to our local community. We also strive to further the personal and career development of every student involved with PennKDSAP.

PennKDSAP runs several events annually such as volunteer training workshops, speaker series, and career advice forums. In addition, students benefit from intimate doctor-student relationships and leadership opportunities (board members, health screening station leaders, etc.). Finally, students have opportunities to present at conferences and shadow nephrologists. 


If you can offer our students personal or career opportunities, please let us know! You can click the button below or click "Contact Us" on the menu.  

Events & Initiatives


Clinical Training


Members are trained to measure BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, as well as perform urinalysis testing and medical history evaluations.


Clinical Case Studies Night


In Spring 2023, Penn Medicine Nephrology fellow Dr. Valerie Nwanji taught members about kidney disease and her experiences in medicine. She guided a (friendly) case studies competition where members applied their knowledge towards solving medical cases. 


Members had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the medical school journey from current MD and MD/PhD students. Panelists came from a variety of institutions such as Caltech, Harvard, and WashU.


Physician Shadowing Program


KDSAP pairs members with Penn Medicine nephrologists for physician shadowing. In 2023-2024, KDSAP hopes to expand this program to more physicians and specialties! 

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